About Me

My name is Kimberly Dibble, and I am a web developer.

Based in the quaint college town of Athens, Georgia, I have always had a passion for turning code into vivid, user-friendly websites that help increase profit for my clients. There is nothing more exciting for me than seeing a vision become a real, working website.

I have a very diverse set of skills which range all the way from design to HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, and also custom CMS and eCommerce component development.


/* Display Web Development Skills */
webDevelopment = new Array("HTML", "CSS", "PHP", "JQuery", "AngularJS","KnockoutJS", "Responsive Design")

/* Display Database Management Skills */
databaseQueries = "Proficient in database querying and report writing."

/* Content Management Systems & E-Commerce Knowledge */
CMS = new Array("WordPress", "Joomla","Magento","Shopify");

/* Interpersonal */
peopleSkills = new Array("Working with Designers", "Communicating with Clients");


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AthenaAttire.com is a leading online retailer of young contemporary clothing. As an online-only retailer, all of their revenue depends on an accessible and user-friendly website.

I originally created a Magento-based e-commerce system for Athena Attire in 2014. In 2015, it became necessary to move to the Shopify platform as many of Athena Attire's sales channels were integrating with Shopify. We customized a template selected by the client, and the platform switch was seamless with thousands of products switched over.

Technical Expertise

Magento (original version), Shopify, CSS Template Customization, Promo Designs

Other Expertise

I also worked on the social media attack plan for Athena Attire, who grew to over 45k followers on Instagram in a little over a year from launch.


BetweenTheHedgesShop.com is an online retailer of sports memorabilia and sports related artwork prints. They are an online-only retail store.

BTHS began as an eBay PowerSeller, and reached out to me when they decided they would also like to sell on their own website to try to reduce the amount of fees they were paying.


BTHS uses Joomla Content Management System for ease of updating by the client. I created an entirely custom template for their store.

Technical Expertise

PHP, HTML, CSS, Joomla, Custom Template & Components, Virtuemart


BTHS has been operational for 6 years!


Pixie Dust and Pirate Hooks is a Disney Travel Agency that was looking to refresh their existing website content with a new custom template and easy to use forms that would allow clients to request information and quotes. They also wanted to create a back-end that would allow their clients to log in and view reservation detail pages that are managed by their different agents. Previously they had used their hosting company’s site builder to create their website which led to some usability issues and difficulties with updating. They are always adding new content and specials, and so I chose WordPress as the CMS for because of its user-friendly back-end and easy learning curve. I created a custom WordPress template that incorporates CSS animations to bring some of the Disney magic alive on their site!

Technical Expertise

WordPress, PHP, CSS, HTML, Responsive Design


Client is very satisfied with their new website and even received compliments from Disney on how great their site looks now!


A large corporation had lots of technical data stored in a database. Their salespeople and engineers needed to access this data quite often, but had no good way to pull data other than using Microsoft Access. Furthermore, some data was in Access and some data was in their ERP system. They had no good way for the typical employee to join data between the two systems. Also, they have a very complicated technical product and all of their employees had different reference material that they collected over the years. They needed one ‘wiki’ that employees could access and update so that they were all using the same, most current reference materials.

To solve these problems, I created an internal website on their intranet that was Joomla based. This allowed employees to create and update articles for their reference material. Now all employees share the same reference material and there are no discrepancies. Also, I created several custom components that interfaced with their Access databases and ERP system to provide employees an easy and simple user interface to find the data that they needed without having to learn to use Microsoft Access.

Technical Expertise

Joomla, PHP, CSS, HTML, JQuery, SQL, MySQL


The project resulted in more efficient and more knowledgeable employees who quickly embraced and use the ‘wiki’ everyday.


When I am not working on a new website, I find myself on codepen.io, which is a playground for front-end web development and testing. Here I can keep myself apprised of the latest tricks in CSS and HTML. I also create my own codepens with new ideas that I have might not have gotten to try on a live website yet.

Technical Expertise

CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, JQquery

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